Thoroughly and Safely Cleaning A Greenhouse with GS-4

A clean greenhouse allows more light in and reduces pathogens and diseases. Regularly cleaning the greenhouse, at least at the time of a crop change, is therefore very important. Our instruction video demonstrates the best method of use.

GS-4 was specifically developed as a cleaning agent for glass greenhouses. It acts aggressively against dirt, but is glass-friendly. It removes dirt and deposits – areas that can form a breeding ground for pathogens and diseases. After this, a disinfectant can be used to kill off viruses, mold spores and insect eggs. Proper cleaning with GS-4 is a condition for the effective operation of the disinfectant.

This requires a number of advance precautionary measures. GS-4 is not suitable for application to some glass types: it wears down the anti-reflection coating. For tempered and diffuse glass, we recommend first treating a pane on both sides and assessing the result.
Some crops are absolutely unable to withstand some cleaning agents. This primarily includes bulbous or tuberous crops, such as lilies, freesias or amaryllis, as well as eggplants. The rule of thumb that applies to all other crops: ensure that there are no crops below or near the glass to be cleaned.


The step-by-step instruction video demonstrates the right method of use.