Light Deprivation

Professional Light Deprivation

The best built blackout systems on the market. Period.

Complete control of the light cycle means you will *flower* reliably, enabling your success. Our expertise means the best product on the market, installed by the most experienced team in the industry.

When you are ready to succeed, let T.E.G. handle your next project.

Gears Close Up
Blackout System installed in a grow warehouse
Complete Blackout Systems

Automated light deprivation technology.

You can expect our professional fully-automated blackout and light deprivation systems to make your production increase, this is something that every modern grower and greenhouse operator wants.

The systems that we sell and install are engineered to function for a wide range of growers and greenhouse styles.

Vents and Fans and Marijuana Grow
Blackout and Light Deprivation Systems

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