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Total Energy Group Only Sells

industrial grade products

We sell only the absolute best professional agtech products and supplies available. This comes from decades of direct experience, all the way down to every last nut and bolt that we sell.

The Brands We Sell, Service and Install

Years of Experience and Quality, Established Professional Products and Services from Total Energy Group.

De Gier Drive Systems

Motors, Rack & Pinions.

Mardenkro ReduSystems

Spray-on Liquid Shading Products.

Philips & Signify

Agriculture LED Grow Lighting.

Holland Heater

Fans and Forced Air Heating Units.

How to Order Our Products?

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    Why People Choose Us

    and what they say about us

    Damn that looks good!!! Nice to work with people who do things right. Many Thanks. Great job.

    Tom Piini

    I only quote Total Energy Group for our shade systems, now. Even when we sell [other companies] structures, I would only go with TEG blackout systems.

    Jake Skokan
    Operations & Product Development Manager
    American Clay Works & Supply Company

    Gigi, you and the entire team, you are all fantastic to work with. In fact you are now my favorite vendor!

    Lou Milani
    Agromillora California