Odor Control

*Introducing* Airculess™ ACT

New Improved Version for 2022
Cannabis Odor Control and Disease Filtration Technology only from Total Energy Group!

Airculess™ ACT uses UV-C light to break down the Ozone particles which in turn neutralizes the TRS (Total Reduced Sulphur) levels inside a cannabis greenhouse.

These units have a beneficial effect on reducing pests and mildew.

Airculess ACT in an indoor grow nursery
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Inside of a Professional Greenhouse with Fans and Lights and Crops

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    Damn that looks good!!! Nice to work with people who do things right. Many Thanks. Great job.

    Tom Piini

    I only quote Total Energy Group for our shade systems, now. Even when we sell [other companies] structures, I would only go with TEG blackout systems.

    Jake Skokan
    Operations & Product Development Manager
    American Clay Works & Supply Company

    Gigi, you and the entire team, you are all fantastic to work with. In fact you are now my favorite vendor!

    Lou Milani
    Agromillora California