LED Lighting

Total Energy Group

A certified Philips LED Horti Partner

TEG provides LED lighting solutions to the commercial horticulture market. By partnering with Philips (Signify), TEG can offer a range of solutions for every growing style, crop type, and application. Our grow lights can be used in sole source lightning applications in indoor growing environments, supplemental greenhouse lighting, or daylength extension for photoperiod control. With a diverse portfolio of fixtures, optimal lighting solutions can be designed for new builds or retrofit projects. Philips provides the highest quality LED lights in the market at superior value.

LED indoor lights

Our knowledgeable team takes a systems based approach to lighting designs by starting with the crop, evaluating electrical constraints, installation requirements, and structural needs. Our services include:

• Complete light designs for your application
• Configure and supply UL electrical distribution and control panels
• Provide control systems and integration
• Supply complete range of mounting brackets, cables, and accessories
• Rebate inquiry and support


• Less than a 0.04% failure rate
• High efficiency fixtures mean lower operating costs and heat
• Crop guidance and support by plant specialists
• Easy installation
• High quality customer service pre and post sale
• 5 year warranty

Need some LEDs or More Information?

• Professional indoor and greenhouse environments only
• Minimum order may apply

    Inside of a Professional Greenhouse with Fans and Lights and Crops
    LED top light