LED Lighting

Greenhouse growing is all about light!

the sun clearly being the number one factor

Grow lights provide much needed supplemental lighting when days are short or overcast. We focus our grow-light efforts on LED supplemental light and are proud to be a Philips Certified Horticulture Partner.

Greenhouse crops of ALL types!

Philips GreenPower LEDs Bring Benefits

Medicinal Cannabis
High-wire Tomatoes
Leafy Greens and Herbs
Young plants
Annuals and Perennials
Potted Plants
Soft Fruits

Products backed by a dedicated team of plant specialists to provide guidance on use of LED technology UL/CSA approved.

And the benefits of LED Grow Lights don't stop there:

Increased Yields
Improved Plant Quality
Production Predictability
Reduced Operational Costs
Ability to Manage Lights independent of Heat
Consistent and Uniform Delivery
Growth Stimulating Lighting

Need some LEDs or More Information?

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