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Provides the complete range of shade and energy curtain systems

From design to installation, TEG has you covered for any greenhouse structure. Over the 35 years of supplying and installing shade and energy curtain systems, we have gained the experience to provide the best systems for any commercial greenhouse, whether a new construction or retrofit project.

Our fully automated shade and energy curtain systems are easy to install, maintain, and offer lasting topline performance.

Applications include:

• Control light intensity and total light levels
• Reduce heat in growing area
• Enhanced control over growing environment
• Additional energy savings
Fan and Gears indoor nursery


• High quality materials ensure high performance that lasts
• Flexible options for any budget
• Different curtain options for varying light transmission and heat retention
• Curtains are UV stabilized, pre-shrunk, and fire retardent
• Installation services ranging from supervision to full installation
• Adaptable systems for retrofit projects
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