Plant Transport Systems

Total Energy Group

TEG is an Akker Transport Systems Partner

Total Energy Group is pleased to introduce plant transport systems to enhance the efficiency for horticulture operators. TEG has partnered with Akker Transport Systems to deliver Dutch conveyor belt solutions to the greenhouse market.

dutch conveyor belt builders show close up on a plant delivery mechanism
automated transport inside a greenhouse

These simple yet powerful automation solutions allow growers to move plants within their greenhouse operation quickly and efficiently, leading to optimized use of labor resources and time.

• Customizable solutions designed to best fit your operational needs
• High quality parts and systems ensure reliable system operation
• Different styles and accessories work for many different lengths, widths, sizes and applications
• Works for pots, trays, and boxes from 3.5” to 12”


• Potential for labor savings or repurposing personnel for more impactful tasks
• Save time performing different transportation activities
• Streamline cumbersome activities to enhance operational efficiency

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