During the spring and summer months, excessive temperatures and light intensity can create challenges regulating the greenhouse environment. High temperatures and excessive sunlight can cause plants to experience stress, which can reduce yields, decrease product quality, and cause increases in pest & pathogen pressure. In extreme cases, this can even lead to crop loss. Additionally, there is more cooling required to manage the climate extremes which can lead to higher energy use in the greenhouse, increasing costs of operation.

Greenhouse coatings are thin films applied to greenhouse coverings that can help reduce heat, light, or a combination of the two. There are different coatings for different applications that can be applied to both plastic and glass greenhouse coverings. The application levels can also be adjusted based on your crops needs and greenhouse location which allows for customization to specific project needs.


Greenhouse coatings such as ReduSol, ReduHeat, and ReduFuse IR can help reduce the amount of heat entering the structure. In areas with high levels of solar radiation, applications of heat protective coatings block incoming infrared radiation, reducing the need for active cooling systems such as fans, evaporative cooling, and air conditioning. Products like ReduSol can also block other light from entering the greenhouse which further reduces heat load, while also lowering the light levels in the greenhouse.

Production benefits from heat load reduction can depend on the crop and production strategy. For vegetables, an increase in fruit production is one potential benefit due to reduced stress levels in the crop. In ornamental production, reduced temperatures can limit plant stretch leading to a higher quality product.


Coatings such as ReduSol, ReduFuse, and ReduFuseIR can block incoming light radiation. For crops that are light sensitive, these coatings can be an effective way to protect them from higher than optimal light intensities that induce stress in the crop, negatively impacting yield and quality. This can also extend the growing season for some crops. For other applications, diffuse coatings scatter light in the greenhouse to ensure more uniform light levels across your crop. This can also allow light to penetrate further into the crop by avoiding direct sunlight being shaded by the top of the crop.

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