Signify Philips GreenPower LED supplier selected for annual production of up to 12 million tissue culture starter plantlets

Pharmagreen Biotech will use Signify’s Philips GreenPower LED Lighting in their Cannabis Biotech Complex currently under development. The complex will be a large-scale tissue culture production, research and storage facility of genetically identical, disease and pest-free plantlets with consistent and certifiable constituent properties ensure the highest standards for safety and quality of Cannabis as medicine.

The Cannabis Biotech Complex, located in Deroche, B.C., Canada once completed will be a high-tech, state of the art facility, and serve as a blueprint for additional future buildouts in the United States and internationally. The strategic supply partnership with Signify’s Philips LED lighting technology adds the high-tech value and opens the door for future cooperation in advancing solutions for the tissue culture industry.

“This is the next step of our growth and development strategy,” says Peter Wojcik, President and CEO of Pharmagreen Biotech. “Utilizing the latest LED technology, developed by Signify, enables us to produce highest quality, medical grade, cannabis starter plantlets and combined with the technologies of dimmable and changeable light spectrum allows us not only to dial into individual cannabis strains but also to grow any plant flora, thus making our business model recession proof.”

The tissue culture plantlets will grow in their own unique environment and vertically stacked in layers. Each layer will have the right light recipe, an important component to growing medicinal grade cannabis from tissue culture starter plantlets for sale to CBD hemp farmers and/or Licensed Producers.

“The right light can have a strong impact on the growth of crops,” says Ries Neuteboom, Signify Business Development Manager North America. “Every plant is different and Pharmagreen has a specific idea of what variety they will grow. We’re pleased to use our lighting experience to customize the light “recipe” to ensure the best light intensity and color spectrum to optimize growth, and work with our Horticulture LED partners Agrolux who are supplying the modules.”