Some growers in Canada and the US are switching from ReduSol to other coatings. They aim to benefit from light while reflecting excessive heat.

“It is a clear trend, we can see it happening. Whether it makes sense depends on the crop and the operating situation. The most important thing is to accurately calculate the cost/benefit. Not only look at the costs but the extra proceeds as well,” says Peter Heemskerk, Commercial Area Manager North America at Lumiforte.

His home base is the Vancouver region in British Columbia. In his province, as well as in Ontario, many plastic greenhouses have been replaced with glass ones over time. “Growers often opt for extra clear glass to let in lots of light. However, they do need a coating to get through the summer. ReduSol traditionally was a frequently used coating, but the question is whether this is the best choice for such modern greenhouses,” he says.

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