As the cannabis industry continues its evolution, North America-based growing operations are scaling up across multiple states, and consolidation at the grower level — especially in Canada, where cannabis is already federally legal — remains robust.

Many of our 2021 Top Growers produce cannabis in a traditional greenhouse during some aspect of production, leveraging each production setting (outdoor, greenhouse, or warehouse growing) throughout the year.

According to the data, the largest North American grower producing cannabis exclusively in a greenhouse is Arizona’s Copperstate Farms at nearly 2 million square feet, while Glass House Farms in Santa Barbara, CA, is reportedly the largest cannabis greenhouse in the Golden State currently with two structures coming in at a combined 500,000 square feet.

Rank Operation Name Square Footage Location Growing Style
1 Ultra Health 9,213,000 New Mexico Greenhouse/Warehouse/Outdoor
2 Mammoth Farms 3,484,800 Colorado Warehouse, Greenhouse, Outdoor
3 Palo Verde Center 2,400,000 California Warehouse
4 Hexo Corp. 2,000,000 Quebec Greenhouse
5 Copperstate Farms 1,700,000 Arizona Greenhouse
6 Los Suenos Farms 1,428,000 Colorado Greenhouse, Outdoor
7 Canna Hub 1,200,000 California Greenhouse, Warehouse
8 Village Farms 1,100,000 British Columbia Greenhouse
9 Aurora 943,000 Alberta Warehouse
10 Canopy Growth 700,000 Quebec Warehouse
11 Cresco Labs 560,139 Illinois Greenhouse, Warehouse
12 Glass House Farms 500,000 California Greenhouse
13 Organigram 500,000 New Brunswick Warehouse
14 C3 International 489,000 California Greenhouse/Warehouse
15 CannTrust 450,000 Ontario Warehouse, Outdoor
16 FlowerOne 400,000 Nevada Greenhouse
17 Solaris Farms 360,000 Nevada Greenhouse
18 7Acres 342,000 Ontario Greenhouse
19 ThePharm 320,000 Arizona Greenhouse
20 NUG 221,000 California Greenhouse, Warehouse