The Priva Connext program version 913 has been released this week.

For the optimal protection and performance of your systems, updating your software on a regular basis is important. The development of the software for the Priva Connext process computer is therefore an ongoing process. The various improvements and innovations are bundled and released regularly in a version or release update. The ideas for the innovations are provided by you, your fellow growers and your installer.
The Connext program version 913 brings you a number of improvements that enable you to control your crop even better and easily monitor the controls.


The update to Priva Connext 913 contains innovations and modifications. The main changes in comparison to the previous versions are:
– Period shift program: Using the period shift program, you can automatically adjust the start and end times of the periods based on extra influences.
– Crop exchange strategy: Optional alarm when a crop rotation strategy is active.
– Air circulation: The air circulation is extended with the possibility to control the air circulation
– Heating/Pipe Strategy: New option to limit the maximum pipe temperature when the heat
buffer or boiler cannot provide the required temperature.
– Energy control: ‘Forced’ storage in the heat buffer. To fill the heat buffer, you can activate
the boiler, CHP or heat exchanger even without a heat demand or a CO2 demand.
– Substrate start: Possibility to flush the (irrigation) valves with a fixed frequency at a fixed
– Irrigation
o A delay has been added to the irrigation start becoming valid based on the radiation limit and PAR limit.
o The silo return line is expanded with choices of what to do at the different levels.
o Selection of when the linked water systems should stop.
o Separate choices at what level in the holding tank the stand times may be extended,
and the water systems put on hold.

Want to learn more about the innovations and modifications in Connext 913? Read more.

Installation new software

New software for the Connext or Compact CC process computer must be installed by your Priva partner.

If you are using the Priva Connected package, the software updates are included in your subscription. Please consult your partner for installing the software on your system. Software version 913 requires a processor CPC 2 or CPC 2.1.

A new version of the Priva Connext software also requires a software update of the gateway. Within a few minutes the gateway is updated. Priva Operator is then up to date and your system is protected and ready for optimal performance. With Operator, you can instantly control your greenhouse climate from the cloud, anytime anywhere.

Conversely, there are also features in Priva Office Direct that require a minimum version of the Priva Connext software. Priva Office Direct version 9.5 supports Connext version 913 and is compatible with Windows 11. Your installer and Priva partner will ensure that your system is again prepared for the future.