The largest poly greenhouse in the Netherlands was recently put into use for the cultivation of strawberries. Beekers Berries in Made opted for the construction of a modern multi-span poly greenhouse measuring 7.8 hectares. The AgrowSer Poly greenhouse is equipped with double-sided continuous ridge ventilation, driven by the reliable technology of De Gier Drive Systems.

The poly greenhouse is used for the cultivation of strawberries on hanging gutters, making optimal use of the natural conditions. Beekers Berries opted for a poly greenhouse instead of building a glass greenhouse in order to achieve a spread in production and on the basis of the quality and unique properties of today’s poly greenhouses.

The fact that the inside conditions in the poly greenhouse can approach the outside conditions is the big advantage of this construction. Wil Beekers, director-owner of Beekers Berries: “The high ventilation capacity, in combination with the diffused light created by the covering, ensures an optimal distribution of the light and allows the UV light to pass through, resulting in the best quality of our soft fruit”.

The modern AgrowSer Multispan poly greenhouse for Beekers Berries has a roof size of 9.60 meters in a Gothic shape. Eric van der Klauw, director-owner of AgrowSer: “This 7.8 hectare project is truly unique, especially in the Netherlands. The greenhouse is equipped with the most up to date techniques and installations as used in modern covered crops facilities”.

Drive systems

The Multispan greenhouse is equipped with a double-sided, continuous ridge ventilation, which ensures optimum ventilation capacity in the poly greenhouse. It is important that the roofs with a length of 242 meters were equipped with flawlessly functioning ridge ventilation. To achieve this, AgrowSer relied on the technology of De Gier Drive Systems. Robert Langelaan, technical sales manager of de Gier Drive Systems: “The long bays are cut into two sections and each section is fitted with one motor per roof side in combination with high quality gear racks and bearings. The GWM motor gearboxes have been specifically developed for use in poly greenhouses. They are lightweight, very robust and have uniform installation dimensions.”

The new poly greenhouse has been put into use now to the full satisfaction of Beekers Berries, and the first tasty strawberries have found their way to the consumer.