Keeping things fresh is what the Overgaag family and their farm, Hollandia Produce, know a thing or two about. They have been growing produce in greenhouses for people to enjoy since 1927 and are still coming up with new ideas to keep things fresh! The family actually raised greenhouse vegetables in Holland first, then moved to the Central Coast of California to continue their family farming tradition.

Today, it’s Pete Overgaag who sees to all of their lettuce and leafy green products, which are produced hydroponically in their greenhouses in enclosed and protected growing areas. Additionally, in their state-of-the-art greenhouses they control light, temperature, humidity and nutrients. By controlling these factors, they can increase yields, shorten crop times and produce a uniquely uniform, high-quality product on a year-round basis.

The farm’s products are harvested with their roots intact; the lettuces are packaged in unique, see-through clamshells that function as mini-greenhouses.

And as living plants, the farm says, these products have an exceptional, long-lasting freshness!

Continuing their tradition of freshness, Hollandia is rebranding itself as Pete’s Living Greens this year. Their product line will include butter lettuce, red butter lettuce, bouquet lettuce, upland cress, organic butter lettuce and organic watercress.

Article Provided by California Bountiful, Watch Their Video Here.