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James got a grassroots start in horticulture. After graduating with a degree in environmental systems from the University of California, San Diego - he began teaching integrated science and technology classes at a middle school in San Diego. While there, he noticed that his students shared his passion for sustainability, so with the help of students, staff, and volunteers he constructed a wood frame greenhouse at the school. There, he began working with his students to grow food on site that they delivered for consumption to their schools cafeteria.

After years in the classroom, James started to delve deeper in sustainable agriculture and food production. He set his eyes back on his home in Ventura County, and in the move from San Diego also decided to make the jump into commercial horticulture. With his background in science and technology along with his passion for the environment and sustainable agriculture, James found a new home working at Priva - a leading environmental controls company, who prides itself on helping growers grow more while using less natural resources like energy and water.

Finally, James moved next to Total Energy Group and continues to learn and share how applied technologies can help growers achieve more with less in their facilities. James is excited to continue his growth with TEG in the rapidly developing horticulture sector in the United States.