Biomass Generator


Following ten years of research and development, The BG 100 biomass generator is the newest in electrical generation by biomass fuel . The BG 100 produces 100kW electricity and 200kW-heat energy from totally renewable sources, saving c.600 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per unit per year when compared to conventional fossil fuel powered systems.

The BG100 unit burns a wide variety of biomass fuels including wood chips, coppiced willow and miscanthus (elephant grass). The BG100 has a unique design that harnesses the power of nature in a carbon neutral manner and has been designed to be ideally suited for use on farms, nurseries and remote locations.

In operation the unit is totally automated including the fuel feed and is designed for continuous 24 / 7 operation with minimal service downtime. It will generate sufficient electricity for most farms and provide hot water for domestic and other purposes. This also means that a significant diversification source of revenue is possible from the sale of electricity.

At the heart of the system is a micro turbine generator, which is adapted to a patented concept. The whole system other than the external fuel bunker is contained in two stacked shipping containers making transportation as easy as possible. On site installation is minimal since the units are factory assembled in the containers.


BG 100 Electrical Generator

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